SHD Series Slurry Pumps

Due to be an indispensable equipment in any mining, iron and steel mills, sand ports and other environments requiring abrasive slurry handling, REVAL invested in technology and developed the best solution of Slurry Pumps to the market. Under strong construction and manufactured with high quality material, REVAL Slurry Pumps may be of horizontal or vertical type, according to the client’s needs. This equipment is recommended for the pumping of liquids containing solid particles with varied granulometry and under several concentrations, as ore in general and highly abrasive or corrosive liquids. Optionally, the driving of REVAL pumps may occur by means of electrical or diesel engines, which are coupled by means of pulleys and belts or flexible couplings. In the case of the sealing, it may be overlapped (with water injection to the gaskets) or centrifuge (with no water injection to the gaskets). The lining is made with elastomers or special metallic alloys. Its application covers the cyclonage, concentration, filtering, flotation, grinding, mill discharge and others.



Catálogo Técnico Bombas de Polpa Série SHD